Tuesday, 15 December 2015

UK is going into reverse on fossil fuel policy/climate change.

Whilst paying lip service at COP21 the UK meanwhile ploughs ahead with plans for fracking all the while cutting grants to solar and wind projects. Idiocy, hypocrisy or just business as usual in the Land of Plenty?

Read the report here: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/dec/15/uk-is-going-into-reverse-on-clean-energy-says-former-environment-agency-head

"A Decc spokesman said of the taskforce report: “This report confirms what we have been saying for some time – that with the right standards in place fracking can take place safely. With more than 50 years of drilling experience in the UK and one of the best records in the world for economic development while protecting our environment and people, we should press on and get exploration moving.”

'Right standards in place' - This government has slashed staffing levels at the Environment Agency.

'50 years of drilling experience.....................' Pure spin. They have NO experience of hydraulic fracturing using chemicals as cited, nor of dealing with toxic wastewater which has caused both health and earthquake problems on a vast scale in the USA.

'Protecting the environment and our people' Ah, the people. Will they be the ones who will have their water poisoned, house values reduced to nil and noise levels ( 500 truck movements per frack - minimum ) raised beyond anything considered reasonable?  Given the slanted and naieve debate in UK media ( BBC in particular ) , it is debatable to what extent DECC itself fully appreciates the true extent of that which it is about to unleash. Ed.

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