Sunday, 25 October 2015

UK Woman says that women don't understand fracking!

From The Independent (?) newspaper: -
'Women 'don't understand' fracking due to lack of education
Many women are against fracking because they “don’t understand” the process due to a lack of education in science, a leading expert has claimed. Professor Averil Macdonald, chairwoman of industry body UK Onshore Oil and Gas and emeritus professor of science engagement at Reading University, told The Times newspaper that men tended to be more in favour of fracking than women because they were persuaded by “an awful lot of facts”.

We note that Professor McDonald is 'Chair' of UK Onshore Oil and Gas.


  1. Oh dear, back to the dark ages. Not to worry, the sisters will fight back when they get the vote.

  2. Indeed so and this comment from a......................woman! Ed.