Saturday, 12 September 2015

UK - Why no fracking in Cameron's village/county?

Activist Vivienne Westwood takes the argument to David Cameron's front door - in a tank:-

The piece by Haroon Siddique in The Guardian does rather minimalize the effects of fracking in the USA where thousands of health issues, mostly relating to cancer have been reported, literally thousands of earth tremors in frack desecrated areas, property devaluation, displacement of communities, horrendous logistics with consequent effect on infrastructure and permanent desecration of landscape with his final paragraph.............

'Some fracking operations in the US have been associated with pollution and it has caused minor earth tremors in the UK, but proponents argue that it will create a new indigenous gas source for the country'.

There does seem to be an inbuilt resistance in certain sectors of the UK media to acknowledging the ten + years of experience of this abomination in the US and we do seriously wonder quite what Mr. Hiddique knows of the process. Ed.

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