Wednesday, 19 August 2015

UK - Despoilation of the countryside is imminent. What can you do?

Today we have taken the exceptional step of re-presenting in it's entirety an urgent  communication received from Greenpeace seeking input and your ideas. Please respond directly and not to us here at Schiste Towers. Thank you. Ed

David Cameron's plan to force fracking on us just became even more real. Only 24 hours ago, the government announced it will open up another 1,000 square miles of the UK to the shale gas and oil industry. And going off reports in the press, it looks like thousands more miles will follow [1].
Areas of natural beauty, including the North York Moors and the Peak District, have been licensed for drilling. As have swathes of land near Lincoln, Nottingham and Sheffield.
So what happens next? Behind the scenes, Greenpeace’s team is sifting through the detail of what the announcement means. And as soon as we have more details, we’ll share them. But already one thing is clear -- starting today, we need to organise together.
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Until now, fracking firms had restricted licenses that only allowed them to drill in a few parts of the country. But yesterday’s announcement changed that. Now the starting gun has been fired on Cameron’s plan to double the area of land that can be fracked.
If the prime minister gets his way, the consequences could be devastating. Extracting gas from rocks beneath our towns and countryside will put water supplies, and delicate wildlife protection zones, at risk. And drilling for more fossil fuels will keep us hooked on dirty energy for years to come, accelerating climate change even more.
To make matters worse, the announcement comes barely a week after the government unveiled measures to fast-track fracking applications. Under the new rules, local councils -- the government bodies who previously had the final say on fracking -- now have limited powers to put the brakes on.
Lots of us are feeling angry that, despite the huge risks and overwhelming public concern, the government is determined to frack. So if you've any questions or concerns you’d like to get off your chest, please do reply to this email and our team here at Greenpeace will try its best to help. Together we can also turn anger into action. If thousands of us chip in our ideas, our energy and our time, we can come up with the best possible plan to push back.
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Greenpeace UK

1. Fracking in the UK: Could it happen near you?

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