Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The ways in which we are all being 'fracked' now.

From an excellent article in The Guardian today explaining just how well the 'F' word describes the ways in which we are all being screwed, squeezed and yes....fracked.

'Friends of Conservatism (as opposed to Conservation ), on the other hand, are the ones who roll up on heavy machinery like a pissed Ukrainian militia. The ones who drill deep beneath that area of local countryside whose only “use” so far has been as a picnic site. And who then pump into the ground powerful jets of high-pressure hydrogunk, splintering rock as easily as a walnut. And who, having sucked up a sky’s worth of valuable gas through a massive crack pipe, then pack up and lumber off to fracture and steal someone else’s underground treasure'.

More on this here:

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