Sunday, 24 May 2015

UK - Here we go, here we go................................

Following the Conservative 'victory' in the recent UK governmental elections we forecast a wave of new fracking applications.

The Guardian - 23/05/15 reported...............

The UK's most high profile shale gas developer, Cuadrilla Resources, announced on Monday that it is poised to submit planning applications for exploratory wells at its site in Lancashire, raising the prospect of a summer of protests against the controversial development.
The company issued a statement confirming it would put forward a planning application to Lancashire County Council for it to drill, hydraulically fracture, and test the flow of gas at up to four exploratory wells at its proposed site at Preston New Road. It added that plans would also be submitted to install a series of seismic monitoring stations within four kilometres of the proposed site, in order to monitor the risk of earth tremors that may result from the drilling.
Cuadrilla said the planning application had followed "extensive public consultation" and would be accompanied by a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment undertaken by consultancy Arup.

Safe as houses.Ed.

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