Monday, 30 March 2015

French lobby group claim they are not lobbying.

There is not the slightest doubt that when a right-wing administration is eventually returned to the Elysée Palace the battle against shale gas exploitation will re-commence. Even now,the newly formed CHNC ( Centre Hydrocarbures Non Conventionnels ) group is preparing the ground. They claim to be providing factual ( which facts will they leave out? ), accurate (by whose validation? ), and 'sophisticated' scientific arguments in support of hydraulic fracturation 'en France'. The group chairman/director Jean-Louis Schilanski says that the group aims to be 'objective' in its reporting ( M.Schilanski is the former CEO of the French Union of Petroleum Industries or UFIP ). It would seem that messrs Total, Arkema and Technip are at the heart of this excercise although we understand that certain environmental groups are to be involved.

No comment. Ed.

"The costs are a thousand times worse than the benefits," said Benoit Hartmann, spokesman for France Nature Environment, an umbrella organization of environmental groups. "In Texas, you do digging, and it's culturally accepted. But here it's not like this. People say, 'It's our land; it's our richness.''

Read an article here from the Los Angeles Times published in June 2014:

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