Monday, 16 February 2015

France - Frustrated petroliers form shale gas Information Centre.

Le Centre hydrocarbures non conventionnels (CHNC) a été présenté mardi par Jean-Louis Schilansky, l'ancien président de l'Union française des industries pétrolières (Ufip). Cette structure entend dépassionner le domaine des gaz et pétroles de schistes grâce à des informations précises et argumentées.

In French for a change, but very simple to translate. Basically, French Oil and Gas CEOs have united to establish so called information centre claiming to dispassionately present the facts about the extraction of shale gas by means of hydraulic fracturation.

Just one problem guys and that is that the 'facts' are widely known already. Evidence of the harm done in the US and the nonsense of a bonanza in Poland is there for all to see. In short, these are the facts.

a. This is yet another fossil fuel extracted in a harmful manner and at a time when all investment should be directed towards the development of renewable sources with maximum haste.

b. Employment statistics are phoney and the jobs that are created are extremely unhealthy and short term.

c. The damage to infrastructure and the landscape is permanent.

d. Estimates of realisable resources are wildly exaggerated in order to escalate share price.

e. Often deemed 'clean' or 'natural' gas, shale gas is nothing of the sort and when all aspects are factored in such as the amount of diesel fuel used in logistics it is actually dirtier than coal.

f. Notions of a 'transitional' or 'interim' fuel are nonsense. There should be no interim stage. Investment in renewable sources is long overdue and ever more urgent.

g. The reduction in property values, effects on human health ( in particular cancers ) and livestock are well documented.


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  1. Yes, that just about covers it! It still needs to be said again and again apparently, mostly because these apologists for dirty fuels never give up.