Saturday, 27 December 2014

Schiste Happens 2014 End of Term Fracking Quiz!

You thought we'd forgotten didn't you. Not a chance.

Here we go - key to responses at foot of page.

1. Is fracking a form of :-

a. Self flagellation?
b. A lunatic strategy for ruining landscapes, aquafers/drinking water, personal health and more?
c. Cunning plan devised by politicians to make lots of lovely dosh and gain seats on the boards of O & G companies?

2. Who devised hydraulic fracking? Was it:-

a. A complete mad man?
b. Dick Cheney ( Halliburton )?
c. David Cameron's mum?

3. How many Americans live just 1 mile from a fracking site?  Is it:-

a. 15 million?
b. Three?
c. None?

4. How many litres of water are wasted/spoiled when making just one initial/exploratory frack? Is it:-

a. One?
b. None?
c. Between 6,000 and 600,000?

5. Which (sort of) European country is intending to frack in National Parks, has perhaps the worst road congestion imagineable and, now it's almost too late, over 250 anti-fracking groups? Is it:-

a. The UK?
b. The UK?
c. The UK?

6. Whick UK political party has clearly stated that it would withdraw issued fracking licences and take a long, hard look at this idiot policy? Is it: -

a. The Conservative Party?
b. The Labour Party?
c. The Lib Dem Party?
d. UKIP?
e. The Boy Scouts Association?
f. None of these?

7. What is the number one investment featured in the portfolios of UK Govt ministers after so called 'Aerospace'? Is it:-

a. Breakfast cereals?
b. Oil and Gas?
c. Old vinyl records?
d. Mass production of garden gnomes?

8. Which French Presidential candidate thinks it might be a whiz bang idea to suggest repealing his very own anti-fracking law and going full steam ahead with nationwide disruption? Is it:-

a. Asterix?
b. Marine le Pen?
c. Nicolas Sarkozy?
d. Nicolas Sarkozy?

9. By how much would you anticipate your gas/utilty bills reducing if widespread fracking took place? 

a. 10%?
b. 50%?
c. 'Don't give us all that crap again'?

10. Which EU country is banning specific, otherwise peaceful demonstrators from demonstrating against fracking even though they have not been charged with any offence? Is it: -

a. The UK?
b. The UK?
c. The UK?

11. How far can current fracking technology enable contractors to explore horizontally? Is it: -

a. 3km?
b. 5km?
c. Didn't know they could? Surely not.

12. Which EU country has recently changed property ownership rights via the trespass laws to enable fracking contractors to frack horizontally under one's property and worse, to use/store any (toxic) materials down there?  Is it:-

a. The UK?
b. The UK?
c. They haven't - have they? Surely not.

13. What causes earthquakes to occur remarkably often ( 3,000 in Arkansas ) in close proximity to fracking activity? Is it:-

a. God's wrath? The concept of gay marriage ( UKIP had the idea first of course ).
b. Forcing contaminated/used/spoilt fracking wastewater under ground and between tectonic plates at v.high pressure?
c. The thought of UKIP involvement in a future UK coalition government?

14. How many years energy 'independence' is the likely realisable yield of so called 'natural gas' likely to sustain the UK for? Is it:-

a. 15 years?
b. 50 years?
c. Just long enough to get the bloody share price up?!

Answers - may be found in the headings of all the recent posts on this site. SO, if you have been diligently following our output here at Schiste Towers you should have amassed a pile of points. Prizes?

A Happy and Frack-Free 2015 to all our readers. Ed.

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