Monday, 13 October 2014

62% of French citizens opposed to fracking - 32% 'mostly' opposed.

Recent survey by pollsters BVA for the journal 20 Minutes found that 62% of French citizens are hostile to shale gas operations, 31% somewhat opposed and as many again are strongly opposed. BVA Institute says that the topic unites the Left ( 80% of left-wing voters are against the exploitation of shale gas ), but divides the right ( 51% of right-wing voters are in favour ). Sociologically, women ( 67% ), 18-34 year olds ( 66% ) and upper socio-professional categories ( 70%) are the most hostile to the exploitation of shale gas. The conclusion is therefore that Sarkozy ( who promises a complete U turn in the matter should he be elected President ) "defends a largely unpopular idea".

On Sunday, Ecology Minister Segolene Royal re-iterated her promise that there would be no exploration or exploitation of shale gas during her tenure.

Read the report here in French:

Looks like Sarko could be advocating something which as the article suggests could even unite right and left. Ed.

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