Saturday, 13 September 2014

A different kind of fracking?

This gentleman  ( who apparently has been asked to address the UK Labour Party Conference is obviously talking about an entirely new kind of fracking/shale gas extraction......................

He must be. It sounds nothing like the abomination that has ruined millions ( yes ) of lives, caused countless earthquakes and ruined umpteen communities across the USA and in Poland for instance. Nothing like the mess that has led to landscape desecration, water pollution on a grand scale, gagging orders ( even on children as young as 7 years old ) and widespread property devaluation in one case in Texas leading a judge to award plaintiffs $25 million alone. He must be. The fracking to which we refer involves the extraction of yet another dirty fuel which when everything is factored in is not at all 'clean' nor anything like 'natural'. He must be - surely.

1 comment:

  1. Gentleman? Well I have to hand it to Chris Faulkner he has managed to pack more bald-faced lies in a small space then I can remember since fracking became an issue.

    Really now how can people like him sleep at night?