Sunday, 17 August 2014

World - Scientific evidence against fracking mounts and mounts.............

The Oil and Gas ( or Dirty Industry as we prefer to call it ) used to be quite adept at trivialising the debate surrounding the entire questioin of hydraulic fracturation pushing notions of 'trivial' or 'insignificanct' earthquakes or suggesting that tap water had always been flammable in certain parts or citing shale gas as a 'clean' or 'transitional' source.  However, the evidence base/bank is now brim full with horror stories of cancers caused, explosions, displacement of populations, tumbling property values and more recently the publication of previously undisclosed toxic chemicals.

Here you may read about the mounting evidence:

Then ponder for just one moment what our politicians may have to gain personally ( bungs, rising share prices and a promise of future board membership of their favourite O&G concern ) and ask yourself just who you believe. Ed.

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