Monday, 21 July 2014

France - Pressure mounts for shale gas exploration.

Just as Germany decides to ban fracking for a minimum of 7 years citing concerns for 'human health and the environment' we are increasingly aware that groups like respected French think tank - 'Terra Nova' and now the Institut Montaigne are openly advocating the exploitation of shale gas in France. Even President Hollande, who previously declared himself completely against the process now says that "We are thinking of alternative techniques to hydraulic fracturing in order to exploit shale gas in France". Needless to say, unrest in the Middle East and now deteriorating relations ( yet again ) with Russia provide the perfect excuse. Today we read reports that EDF plans to import massive quantities of US gas which will not be cheap because our American friends want it for themselves of course.

The following article gives some idea of the current push on the part of lobbyists.

We remain totally opposed to the process for all the reasons previously stated and do not consider fracking/shale gas extraction as either 'clean' or 'transitional' it is what it is and that is a. dirty b. unhealthy and c. environmentally catastrophic. We remain confident that the French population will rest vigilant and oppose this abomination based essentially on short-term gain/greed and press for increased invstment in renewables as a matter of urgency. Ed

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  1. Nobody ever thought they would just say "OK you win, we'll pack up our fracking toys and play elsewhere". Giant energy multi-nationals with endless resources and bottomless pockets do not take No for an answer; they will keep chivvying away until cracks (literally) start to show. We need to shout louder so even cloth-eared Hollande wakes up to the madness afoot!