Tuesday, 20 May 2014

UK - Sleepwalking into a fracking nightmare

In her latest newsletter to constituents, Brighton MP Caroline Lucas includes the following commentary on the current government's disasterous plans for fracking on up to 60% of the UK mainland.


Earlier this month a new pro-fracking report was published by cross party group of peers. I said this in response: “It’s disgraceful that this Lords Committee has casually dismissed legitimate public concerns about health and environmental impacts of fracking. This is contrary to a recent British Medical Journal editorial warning that downplaying the health risks of drilling for shale gas would be a leap of faith unsubstantiated by scientific evidence. The Committee has also ignored public interest by backing the Coalition’s deplorable plans to change the law to allow fracking companies to drill under people’s homes and land without their permission.” From my mailbag it’s clear that many Brighton residents have serious concerns about fracking and the risks it poses to water resources, wildlife, our countryside and our climate. People want to see investment in renewable energy and energy conservation - not more fossil fuels. So I’ll be continuing to speak out on climate change and on the importance of investment in renewable energy sources – not more fossil fuels.

If only all politicians were so honest and consistent in their approach to matters of genuine public concern.

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