Saturday, 12 April 2014

Earthquakes and the idiocy of fracking - US.

Ohio and serious evidence of fracking links to earthquakes:

The idiocy continues in California where fracking continues apace right next to the San Andreas fault. Click the link and be amazed:

Now imagine all that in the tiny land mass referred to as the UK for instance where literally thousands of wells are planned often in close proximity to private dwellings.


  1. The folly of essentially unregulated fracking is best shown in the article on fracking in California areas near a multiplicity of known faults and probably many not yet identified. Several earthquakes in California in last century occurred on side faults that had not previously been identified.

    If and when the big one hits, there will be no criminal liability placed on those responsible for the fracking operations. This is because they will say that causality can not be established. Which unfortunately is true. Prey tell would these same people doing the fracking plow their own fields if they knew the field was full of land mines?

    It should be noted that a link soon appeared shortly after a significant earthquake struck central Virginia and damaged the Washington monument located to the NE of the epicenter:

    This link overlay-ed Google Earth maps and showed that a fracking operation was located almost exactly on the epicenter of the quake. The link mysteriously disappeared sometime later. It was not certain that fracking had started at the site but fracking was taking place to the north of the epicenter.

    These images had important implications and unfortunately I did not have the foresight to copy the pages.

    The USGS published a paper that did tie a series of fairly strong earthquakes in Oklahoma to fracking operations. This admission is an official warning bell.


  2. Thanks Bob for your intelligent expansion - as ever.