Sunday, 17 November 2013

WATERLESS FRACKING - really? That's not the point.

In the November 25th issue of Time Magazine in a section devoted to 'The 25 Best Inventions of 2013' we read the following piece of nonsense.............


Waterless Fracking

The debate over fracking is a debate over water. Greens figure that fracking fluid could contaminate water supplies. Solution: lose the water. Canadian company Gasfrac uses gelled liquid petroleum rather than water to frack wells. The gel evaporates underground, eliminating the risk of contamination. Energy companies save money, and greens save their breath'.

We probably cannot expect better from a magazine that routinely carries several whole page ads by the likes of Chevron, claiming to have the best interests of the environment at heart.

Either these people are extremely stupid, or they are very clever and actually believe their own hype and expect us to believe it to. Water usage and contamination is a major concern but it is only one. As we have said so often, logistics, noise, landscape desecration, airborne methane and much, much more is a real concern. Shale Gas is yet one more fossil fuel that we should not be extracting at this crucial point in time. Shale Gas is not an 'interim solution' it does not have emissions lower than coal when all factors are considered and is not 'natural'.

The link between climate change, the burning of fossil fuels and warming-induced catastrophes such as that just witnessed in the Phillipines are now beyond doubt and yet the 'dirty industry' ploughs on regardless. Even UK Prime Minister D.Cameron has linked climate change to the events in the Phillipines and yet his own approach is to back fracking 100% whilst cutting support for investment in renewable sources. Is he missing the point like Gasfrac or could he just be very clever. Hang on............

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