Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Dirty tricks...........

Nothing much to report this week except that Environment Minister Delphine Batho and the minister charged with re-invigorating the economy ( and a pro-fracking apologist ) Arnaud Montebourg are at loggerheads over whether France should deploy public funds on subsidizing private Oil and Gas companies in their exploration of alternatives to hydraulic fracking here in France.

We would just wish at this point to re-iterate that we don't really care if they use orange juice! The effect of the logistics ( hundreds of truck loads of earth removal, personnel and plant movements, airborne methane and visual desecration of landscape amenity/ unsightly derricks in close proximity to populated areas ) is a definite none starter.

Just one more thing for now and that is to beware of fake 'pro-fracking' petitions. They sometimes turn out to be completely false. Read more here......................


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