Saturday, 17 November 2012

Dirty money and disinformation........

We forgot to add that the sheer volume of pro-gas propaganda now being funneled via the French popular press is little short of obscene. To gain an insight simply enter 'Gaz de Schiste' in your search box or in Google Actualities.


  1. This is typical and the most dangerous aspect of any pro-environmental cause such as anti-GDS. The monied interests with their nearly unlimited funding pour out the propaganda. Much which gets repeated by the press who can not discern between exaggeration, lies or other deception. The days when journalists would carefully research truthfulness before publishing are for the most part a thing of the past. The casual reader of such reports tends to accept as true what they see in the press as they have no background to let them discern the truth.

    Truly the greatest danger to any just cause.


    1. Articulate but confused comment. Your comments could apply equally to the Oil and Gas propagandists or the environmental lobby. WHAT are you talking about?!!!

  2. More on this here. And they fiddle their tax!