Monday, 2 July 2012

New minister............

In our previous post we omitted to mention that Mme.Delphine Bathos would replace Nicole Bricq as Environment Minister. Mme.Bricq clearly acted too quickly in cancelling the Guyane permis and thus incurred the wrath of the good people at Shell. We understand that Mme.Bathos has an economics background. In the meantime, President Hollande has promised to continue with the revision of the Code Minier. 

Last week we learned that the Conseil General of the Lot has re-affirmed it's opposition to all forms of Gaz de Schiste exploration/exploitation.

For those interested in or affected by fracking in the UK, the Co-operative Society have established a series of nationwide screenings of Gaslands and Gaslands-2. Full details at............. 

Alternatively, enter 'Coop-fracking-Gaslands' in your Google search box.

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