Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wastewater issues +Fracking hits SE England!

Two new items which give perspective in this matter...

First, from this week's European edition of Time Magazine:-

'Ohio Earthquakes'
 After a 4.0 earthquake shook Youngstown, Ohio on December 31st - the second in a week and the 11th in the area since March - even state authorities had to wonder whether the local boom in natural gas fracking wells could be to blame. Fracking, a process in which water is blasted underground to break rocks and release methane gas, has helped revive rural economies from Ohio to New England. BUT, wastewater is often injected deep underground afterwards, leading, some scientists believe, to tremblors, once rare in Ohio. For now, state officials have shut one particularly active waste well for analysis.

Second from the Guardian:-

'Fracking company chief (Cuadrilla) to face critics in south-east England'

Chief Executive of Cuadrilla, which drilled for shale gas near Blackpool, is to meet residents opposed to fracking in Sussex. Now the sparks should fly! See link:

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